Friday, 30 November 2018

A full beard in 6 steps

Step 1: Stop Shaving

Leave your beard. That seems very simple, but you have to go through a few difficult weeks. Resist the itching; usually this is over after a week. Do not give in to the temptation to style your beard too early; be patient until you can see what shape and texture your facial hair has. most of the user experienced beard growth spray

 Step 2: Maintain the rest of your Hair Growth

Determine where you want to have your beard growth and regularly work with the hair in your neck and neck with  a rotating shaving system  that guides you in gentle, circular movements.

Tip: do not shave too close to the beard, because then the difference between the hair in your neck and that on your face goes too far.

Step 3: Care

Take care of your growing beard by combing and washing it regularly. In addition, you can use care products such as beard oil or a special conditioner to keep the hair soft and supple. This also helps against the itching. Scrub your face regularly, including your beard, to prevent ingrowing hair.

Step 4: update in between

If you have left your beard for a few weeks, you probably already have a nice beard growth. Maybe it looks a bit unkempt. Strikingly long hairs that grow faster than the rest can be controlled by carefully grooming your beard with a  beard trimmer , set to a long length. Do not forget to remove the loose hair.

Step 5: Style your full beard

After about a month you can style your full beard. Use a beard trimmer for this and determine the desired length of your beard. The setting wheel of the beard trimmer gives you total and reliable control over the length settings. You can model your beard in different ways and vary the fullness. Determine what fits best with the shape of your face and determine the desired neck and jawline of your beard. If you want to give your beard a soft tip, set the length setting shorter when you trim the beard from the cheek to the chin.

Step 6: Maintenance
Maintain your full beard regularly for maximum results. Always trim your beard first and then shave the extra hairs in the neck and on the cheeks, plus all areas (such as under the mouth) where you want to indicate the edge of the full beard. Use a rotating shaving system to maintain your beard and move it with gentle, circular movements across the neck and cheeks. Trim small and narrow spots first with a precision trimmer and finish off your full beard with a mini-sheet. Continue to use beard oil or air conditioner for a soft, smooth beard.

Thursday, 29 November 2018


Have you always dreamed of a full beard? Unfortunately, only a few people have been granted this. However, there are nowadays ways to get the beard, which you have always dreamed of. A beard transplant or beard hair transplant is perhaps a good option. There may be several reasons that you consider this procedure. This article explains what a reason can be to opt for the beard transplant, what costs you can count on and what kind of results you can expect. In addition, it is discussed whether you can qualify for this.

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